In the vibrant heart of Barcelona, ​​”La Ovella Negra” is born. Refuge for those looking to laugh, share and live unforgettable moments. From our first days, we witness unexpected encounters, contagious laughter and toasts that seal lifelong friendships.

We are a testimony of what Barcelona represents: a fusion of traditions and modernity. More than tables and jugs, we offer a crossroads of cultures, a hive of emotions and, above all, a meeting point for souls looking for something genuine and authentic. Each visit is an opportunity to write a new chapter in our rich history.

At “The Black Sheep”, we understand that the magic of Barcelona lies in its ability to fuse the old and the new in an uninterrupted dance. That’s why while maintaining our traditional essence, we never cease to surprise with fresh and modern touches that capture the spirit of the city.

So, whether you discover us after a long day of exploring the city or you are a regular who already has his favorite table, we welcome you. In “The Black Sheep”, there is always a place for you and a new story waiting to be told.

Our Locations


Large tavern located in a 2000m2 industrial warehouse from 1908 with seven 1000 liter beer tanks where you can eat, drink and play table football or billiards. It has giant screens to enjoy football with the best atmosphere and a room for concerts and private events.


Descend into the basement of the megatavern and discover The Black Sheep Craft Tavern. A temple for craft beer lovers, where every sip is a story and every taste, an adventure. For brewers with a restless soul, this is your sanctuary.


Specialized brewery in the heart of the Gràcia neighborhood set on the stage of a theater. Extensive beer lineup both in the 11 taps available and bottles, cocktail menu and food. Possibility of making reservations, whether you are going to the theater or in a group.


The Drapaire of craft beer is an old tavern in the center of Barcelona. Local and international craft beers. Accompanied by cut sausage, good music and good atmosphere. An emblematic place in the center of Barcelona.


The commitment to art led to the birth of the Magic Foundation. An initiative of the Black Sheep Group dedicated to promoting new musical and artistic talents. We believe in the latent potential and in the magic of giving voice to those looking for their stage. Music and art flow here.


Welcome to Retruc Barcelona, ​​the epicenter of entertainment. With 400m2 of pure fun: from foosball and billiards to ping-pong and dart board. Accompanied by good music and drinks, it is the ideal space for challenges between friends and unforgettable nights. Book your table and get ready for fun!